Monday, March 5, 2012

CotD: "Don't Like Kikes"

The whole thread is anti-Semitic, but this comment is by far the worst:

I guess I'm confused because I thought "kikes" were in fact "Jewish people." Anyone care to tell me where I went wrong?


  1. It's like, "I like black people. Some of my best friends are black but I can't stand n****rs". The bigot is expressing the special loop-hole of liking Jews who don't act like the steroetype.

  2. First off, this comment was deleted from the HP.
    Second, I think it'd be VERY interesting to get a picture of what highlighted hate items here have been too vile for even the HP, and which ones are considered acceptable discourse. We are getting a clearer picture through the great work of this site on the nature of posters; I will at some point look at the deleted/non-deleted ? in detail so we can get a sense of what the moderators are thinking (or, frankly, IF they're thinking at all).

  3. And to think, I haven't been referred to as a "kike" since high school.
    At least not to my face.
    Sick bastards.


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