Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Credit Where It's Due: HP Publishes Counter to GMJ

In a rare decision of balance, the Huffington Post published this essay on why the Global March to Jerusalem isn't as great as what one of its chief propagandists would have you believe. Here's the highlights:
"If Palestinian rights were truly the GMJ's raison d'etre, it would organize rallies and protests against Palestinian discrimination in Lebanon where 300,000 Palestinian refugees live in overcrowded camps and dire social and economic conditions. They are also legally barred from owning property and from working in certain areas.

During the last decade, Jordanian authorities arbitrarily rescinded more than 2,700 Palestinians of their Jordanian citizenship, depriving them of basic access to health care and education. In Syria, more than 5,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their camps in Latakia after government forces bombarded the city.

While some GMJ activists may genuinely support Palestinian rights, there is a large component which advocates Israel's liquidation. Moreover, the movement should be discredited for its own hypocrisy of proclaiming to champion Palestinian rights and singling out Israel, while ignoring the abuses taking place on a daily basis in the Arab world."

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