Friday, March 30, 2012

Daoud Kuttab Pulls An MJ Rosenberg

Palestinian Huffington Post blogger Daoud Kuttab has decided to take a break from defending the "human rights" of terrorists to launch an MJ Rosenberg-style column length attack on a United States representative. He has chosen  Ileana Ros-Lehtinen as his target, complete with the usual half truths and barely disguised ZOG conspiracy theories that we have come to expect from the Huffington Post. His title is that she is "Against the Two State Solution," and then completely fails to back this up with facts.

His principle complaint is about US aid to the Palestinians. Whenever an anti-Israel Huffington Post blogger gets on this topic you can practically feel them walking a tightrope, since every last one of them has no problem demanding America use aid against Israel at the drop of a hat. Just ask Mr. Kuttab's friend MJ Rosenberg:
"I do not favour eliminating aid. I do favour using it as a lever to achieve US policy goals, as we do with aid everywhere else. Why not? If you take money from your parents, they should have some say in what you do with it....If Israel is the sovereign country it claims to be, it will learn to exist in the world like everyone else. America should not be subsidising Israel's plush lifestyle (eight per cent annual growth) so long as it keeps telling us to drop dead."
Remember those words, and those of Mr. Kuttab himself, as we go forward. He begins by some off topic history lessons about how America's government works and that American aid to the Palestinians is part of the peace making process (which is true). He complains a little bit that America cut off the Palestinians after the latter gave the former a big fat middle finger last fall. Again, how ironic. But eventually he finally gets to his point:
"Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, who represents Florida's 18th district, however, unilaterally decided what constitutes foreign policy in regards to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by conditioning the lifting of the "hold" on an approved foreign aid bill to Palestinians....with the understanding that the money not be used for assistance in Gaza. She also prohibited the use of USAID funds for road projects in the West Bank, except if directly related to security....Finally, and bizarrely, she denied use of funds for trade facilitation, tourism promotion, scholarships for Palestinian students and other aid for Palestinian Authority agencies and ministries."

Wait, so explain this to me. Mr. Kuttab is concluding that because this representative is imposing conditions on how US aid to the Palestinians is spent (something that Mr. Kuttab and his friends demand constantly vis a vis Israel I might add) that somehow makes her "against the two state solution?" Even by Palestinian supporter logic, that's a pretty epic leap. But don't worry, he will try to explain it, though it won't go very well.
"Road construction and trade facilitating projects in the West Bank fit perfectly within the two-state solution, which the entire world, including Israel's prime minister, supports. By opposing such projects, the Republican congresswoman goes against U.S. and international policies."
Again, logic is being twisted. Everyone wants the two state solution. That doesn't mean America should have to pay for Palestinian roads. Nor does it mean that if America doesn't pay for Palestinian roads we suddenly have a huge problem. I can't help but feel that if we were talking about Israel instead Mr. Kuttab would take on the attitude of "you're lucky you got what you did so be content with it." Apparently gratitude is not a virtue he would like to share with his audience.

The rest of his justifications we have seen before: Palestinians need to build a state so if you don't give us money and let us spend it however we like therefore you must not want us to have a state so shame on you. At this point we get to the ZOG conspiracy theories:
"The only logical explanation is that she is not acting in the best interest of her constituency, or even the American people, but is reflecting the narrow, radical point of view of a hardline, rightwing, pro-Israel lobby." 
A Huffington Post blogger talking about logic! Hilarious! One of the most basic points of logic, Mr. Kuttab, is called "Occam's Razor." That means you don't believe complicated explanations when simple ones will suffice. And here's a simple one: Hamas are terrorists, she doesn't want our money going to help them (even indirectly). The point of aid is to help with essential welfare of people, not to make shiny brochures for tourism bureaus. So this representative imposed some conditions. Do you really need to say "the lobby" hiding behind every single decision? You're not MJ Rosenberg you know...I think.

But just in case you were confused and thought he might have meant "Jews" instead of "pro-Israel lobby," don't worry he clears it up:
"A hint of that might be found in reviewing the politician's donor base. Campaign finance records show that her top campaign contributor is Irving Moskowitz, the retired Florida businessman who is developing a controversial apartment project -- intended exclusively and discriminatorily for Jews -- in occupied East Jerusalem's Shepherd Hotel. 
American foreign policy has suffered from hypocrisy and lack of execution. The unilateral decision by a lobby-influenced single member of the U.S. Congress shouldn't be allowed to weaken an already weak U.S. policy towards peace and justice in the Middle East."
I think that says it all really.

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