Friday, March 23, 2012

Example of a Post: Palestinian Rights

I'll give this for Palestinian supporters, once they find a somewhat effective talking point, they stick with it. They stick with it so long, in fact, they push it well beyond the point where it makes any sense at all. Here is an example of a post from the recent Alan Dershowitz thread. I'm interested in the bottom portion, not so much the three points at the top:

Here's the section I'm interested in, retyped for easier reading:
"Let's keep this simple: Israel militarily occupies 4 million people who have inalienable rights, which are recognized by the International Community. These are: 1) 1967 borders 2) East Jerusalem as Capital 3) Removal of ALL settlements 4) Return of Refugees. It is up to Israel to off a fair bargain and compensation to the Palestinians if they want the Palestinians to give up any of these rights, in part or in full."
 The language of human rights is one of the favorite talking points of the left. Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is adopted by Palestinian supporters to support things like the so called "right of return" and the freedom of Palestinian suicide bombers to get into Israel unimpeded. But you can see here a complete corruption of this idea.

No group of people has "the human right" to own territory they arbitrarily declare to be theirs. As pro-Israel people are told all the time, no state even has the right to exist! But according to this poster, a Palestinian state not only has a right to exist, it has a right to exist on all the territory it wants, no questions asked. I've looked in the UDHR, no such right exists. But Palestinian supporters are so used to the idea that anything the Palestinians are prevented from doing, they have a right to do, they are willing to spew these lies without pause.

Palestinians have rights, just like Israelis have rights. But those rights have a limit, and they have nothing to do with gaining territory.

Zach adds: It's also very telling how this poster thinks that because (and only because) Israel said that its wars were "defensive," they therefore must not be. George Orwell would be very proud.

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