Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HP Bias: Helen Thomas Edition

If there's one thing the Huffington Post loves to write articles about, it's people who became infamous for bashing Israel and/or Jews. We've noted in the past how they publish at least one article about Nazis every week, and they've taken Rick Sanchez on as a blogger after he got in hot water. Now they will write anything they can about Helen Thomas, and now they have a new one complete with biased headline:

Ah! I can see how it will be spun, even now! Poor Ms. Thomas, continuing to suffer for only daring to tell the truth that the Jew-controlled media didn't want to hear! Oh, weep for the death of free speech in America at the hands of the Zionists!

Except, of course, it's another misleading headline. What Ms. Thomas wanted was a table all to herself, in addition to the two tickets that she had bought in order to attend. She applied to get the table and didn't receive it. Why not?

Julie Mason, a Sirius XM host and secretary of the WHCA, said it would be "logistically impossible" to allow every past WHCA president to get their own table. Still, Mason praised Thomas' contributions to the long-running journalistic organization.
"I'm really grateful to Helen -- for her encouragement of me personally, which has meant a lot, and her efforts on behalf of all women on this beat," Mason said. "I've loved seeing her at the dinner in previous years, and the White House isn't the same without her. But as board members, we have this policy and we have to honor it."
You can consider this a good enough reason or not as you choose. But she is still attending the dinner, that part was never in question. And of course no mention of her post career comments that were even more offensive than the ones that originally caused the scandal. So when you get right down to it, it's mildly interesting but not really much of a story there. Naturally that didn't stop the Huffington Posters from banging out more than two thousand comments, most of which made it clear that her anti-Jewish opinions are exactly why they love her, along with the usual lies about "freedom of speech." Here are some of the top favorited remarks:

And here's a "Huffington Post Hightlight" for you:

It's nice to know some things don't change.

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  1. This might sound strange, but I'm actually glad that the HP keeps pumping out pro-Helen Thomas materials (and promoting more pro-HT fan worship love/hate letters), because it's so ridiculous to me from a common sense perspective. There's NO defending the comments that destroyed her career, unless you are a hard AZ/AS slam dancer and agree with the basic point that Israeli Jews should leave Israel and return to nations that mass-murdered them, and that's leaving out the equally disgusting remarks she's made since her self-immolation. But the HP has a mix of support for the slam dancers and amnesia, and that leads to times when HT supporters try to pretend she was either a victim or a Messiah, and other posters point out she's A) not and B) not. It makes her fans, and the HP by extension, look equal parts deranged and stupid. And I ultimately view that a positive, having their true natures willingly tossed out into sunlight, and frankly hope it continues.
    Also, the article was about HT's demand for a personal table being told "sorry, no room, you can have 2 tickets" and the interplay between the few who said she deserved the whole table (or to have the WHCA dinner become a tribute to her) and the majority who were basically saying "She gets 2 tickets! She doesn't deserve special treatment! Why is this even a story?" Why ineed, yes.


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