Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HP Photo Bias: Toulouse Shooting (Part 2)

The Huffington Post published a follow up to the Toulouse shooting attack on the Jewish school and gave it top billing on the World section. So what's my reaction to it? Take a look:

I'm curious why a generic picture of a hand holding a handle was used as the picture for this article. If you click on the article itself we find the same slideshow of cops standing around that we had last time. Compare these pictures if you will to one from the Norway massacre of children last year:

And, of course, the Palestinians. Here is the picture from an article published a few days ago about Palestinian minors being arrested by Israel for such crimes as rock throwing:

And let's not forget such headlines as these either:

Meanwhile the Huffington Post has yet to publish any pictures of the victims of the Toulouse shooting, and probably never will. I was able to find some though. Very easily.

And while we're at it, here's some Jew baiting on the fully moderated thread:

(that last one is in response to a deleted comment that asked "do Jews film their attacks on Lebanese and Palestinians?")

And finally, because this is the Huffington Post, we have our obligatory "blame America" comment as well:

It's nice to see that refusing to hold people responsible for their own actions isn't strictly limited to Palestinains though.

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  1. And the mask slips, as they openly libel Jews instead of using their usual "we’re only anti-Zionist" deceit.

    Pictures of the victims are on this page.


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