Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HPW: Toulouse Shooting May Have Been Filmed

As I mentioned yesterday, the Huffington Post provided double coverage of the shooting attack against a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. This time the extra detail had been provided that the shooter may have filmed it. The article generated about 350 comments at the time I am writing this, and now that the shock has worn off a lot of people's prejudices are coming out.

A lot of the offensive comments were directed at Jews. Either implying that Jews were behind it, or comparing the attack with Israeli soldiers defending their people, or various other conspiracies that you'd have to be a HuffPoster to dream up. The most common complaint was not that four innocent people were dead but that the story didn't get as much coverage as four soldiers who were killed by what was probably the same gunmen a few days earlier. Quite a few people took the opportunity to race bait, saying that the Jews got coverage because they were Jews and the soldiers didn't because they were not white. By the way the Huffington Post did cover that story, and it produced 62 comments.

Anyway on to the comments:

 (Be sure to note the number of favorites on this one)

By the way the thread was fully moderated. So HuffPost approved. Huzzah.

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  1. I am wondering that since HP how has a FRENCH website, do the story and comments there reflect the same insanity and if so are they are specific hate speech laws in France to counter them?


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