Monday, March 26, 2012

HPW User Profile: Hcwcars

The user hcwcars hasn't been on the HP very long, only a couple of months, but in that short time he's already racked up a number of explicitly anti-Semitic posts. He first came to our attention in the recent Toulouse murders threads, in which he kept trying to change the subject to everyone's favorite subject: the poor suffering Palestinian victims (trademarked).

“The sooner america frees herself from the real terrorist of the middle east and the world the better mankind will be !”

“jews bribed the British and the British wanted to get rid of them anyway !!”

“Just look at a state dept. flag at the stars there's a star of david right there !!”

“Who do you think runs the govt.and the state dept ?”

“Someday Palestine will be free!” [note the thread]

“They only do that to protect the chosen ones that makes it ok !”

“Your giving pigs a bad name !” [click for context]

“Naa...Helen Thomas had it right !”

“Try saying something about israel” [again, note the thread]

“Name anther group that has been thrown out of almost every country in the world ?”

“The Israelis can do what they please to who they please after all they are the chosen ones!
Just read any of their posts”

 And here's one that was deleted but we screengrabbed it earlier:

 Still a proud member of the HP community.

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