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Huffington Post Advertises for Occupy AIPAC

If you aren't already familiar with it, "Occupy AIPAC" is going to be another group of hippies and leftists standing around outside the AIPAC conference this weekend complaining and generally making a spectacle of themselves. I am unsympathetic to them because if they are truly representative of most Americans then what they should be doing is making a lobby of their own and have their own conference to lobby the President to their own point of view. I am sympathetic to some of their points of view, such as "No War With Iran." What prompted me to write a response to them was the pretentious and dishonest way they make their case.

Medea Benjamin was busy this time around so the Huffington Post enlisted Rae Abileah as a brand new blogger just for the purposes of advertising for Occupy AIPAC. The advertisements starts at her bio and continues all the way through her first article: "Saying No to K Street Control of Congress." Yes, that ZOG imagery is starting off from the very first sentence. Isn't it grand?

The pretentiousness starts early:
"Yet this year's AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C. is more controversial than ever as Occupy activists seek to highlight the role of big-money lobbyists in elections while standing in solidarity with the global 99% opposed to Israel's violations of human rights and international law."
My problem with this sentences takes many points. First of all, the idea that "Occupy AIPAC" represents the "global 99%" is a joke, and a poor one. If 99% of Americans didn't like AIPAC there is simply no way that it could be as powerful as it is, unless one believes in the conspiracy theory of Jewish money overriding the lowly peasant. And fortunately you don't have to believe in such things because we have polls. Did you know that only 5% of Americans think that we should oppose an Israeli strike on Iran, while 39% support it? I don't think Ms. Abileah would be particularly pleased to know that she is actually representing the 5% of Americans. Probably easier just to make things up and pull a classic BDS tactic of pretending that you are speaking for all the Americans who are presumably too dumb to speak for themselves. Nor do 99% of the world hate Israel, as much as the Israel haters like Ms. Abileah would like us to believe that. I doubt that even she believes that lies that she spins.

Secondly, has the "Occupy" movement ever protested a country's foreign policy? By which I mean as a whole, not one guy walking around with a "U.S. out of Afghanistan" sign. Not as far as I can tell, but that doesn't appear to stop Ms. Abileah from literally hijacking the Occupy Wall Street language to make it about the hated Israelis. Notice how apparently it's okay for America to violate international law in such places as Yemen but not so much for Israel to defend itself.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's time for Ms. Abileah to start lying:
"Each year at AIPAC's policy conference in Washington, D.C., the president, powerful senators and members of Congress parade across the stage in order to prove their loyalty to the Israeli government. AIPAC's outsized influence on U.S. foreign policy can be linked to the disastrous war in Iraq, as well as to the current push for an attack on Iran."
I'm not going to say too much more about the first sentence besides how it's the typical victim blaming and whining we see so often among those whose political views are too far outside the mainstream for consideration. Let's instead focus on the second: At no point did AIPAC push for a war with Iraq. Perhaps Ms. Abileah is aware of that which is exactly why she kept her words vague enough to blame Israel AIPAC without actually coming right out and saying "all these things are AIPAC's fault." Funny how that's more the language of a politician than the language of a "global 99%." I can't help but wonder how many of her followers would come right out and blame AIPAC for the wars, as well as just about everything under the sun. More than even she knows, I have a feeling.

Anyway after more anti-Semitic tinged remarks about "buying" politicians we finally get down to brass tacks. In this case Ms. Abileah uses another great tactic of politicians, selective facts:
The University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism reports, "Since 1990, the whole of the pro-Israel lobby has given almost $96 million in congressional campaign contributions and funnels a lot of the money through local political action committees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics." 
$96 million is a lot of money, but by PAC standards that's not very much. Take a look at this link and you'll see that they have laid out how much money is given by PACs in other areas of government and remember those are specific PACs not "whole of the lobby" whatever that means. In this way Ms. Abileah tries to make it seem like AIPAC and other "pro-Israel" organizations give much more money than anyone else, by providing facts in a vacuum. Unfortunately I am not as gullible as I'm sure she would like me to be.

She then tries to channel the "Occupy" brand again to give her words more weight:
"With the rise of the Occupy movement, which focuses public ire on the role of large corporations and powerful special interest groups in determining U.S. domestic and foreign policy that increasingly benefits the wealthy few, AIPAC's hold on U.S. Middle East policy is being challenged as never before. The power of the Occupy movement has pushed issues of wealth disparity and corporate corruption into the mainstream media's headlines."
Again, notice the language. AIPAC doesn't have a "hold" on Middle East policy. Just ask Aaron David Miller.   Nor are "large corporations" the ones involved with AIPAC. Wealthy businessmen sure but if anything large corporations can be found in and among the oil lobby. Not that Ms. Abileah and her "99%" would have any intention of protesting friends of the Arabs though. They don't like human rights that much.

Ready for some more lies?
"But when Occupy members have held signs saying, "Occupy Wall Street, not Palestine," the right-wing Israel lobby has accused the movement of anti-Semitism."
Hm. Let's see if Ms. Abileah's love of playing the victim stands up to some actual scrutiny. I went to the most right-wing website I could think of, Commentary Magazine, and read what they had to say:
"A quick sampling of the anti-Semitism on display among the Occupy Wall Street set yields the flamboyant and aggressive protester who yells,“You’re a bum, Jew” at his yarmulke-wearing interlocutor; the conspiracy theorist who laments that “Jewish money controls American politics,” and warns the Russians not to let the Jews take over Russia too; and  the self-described Nazi with the swastika tattoo who regrets that America has been handed over to “other people.” Ah, people power."
Um...yeah. Let's just pretend that all they were doing is sticking for the Palestinians them move on, okay? It's a lot easier to pretend that we're in the right that way. And that's exactly what Ms. Abileah goes on to do. Too bad she couldn't have been honest. That really might have helped her case.
"The role of Occupy isn't to resolve this 64-year-old conflict but to focus attention on the way that AIPAC and the Israel lobby distort our political process."
Hm. Interesting for two reasons. First, she claimed earlier that they were protesting about Israel's "human rights violations." That sure sounds to me like she is taking a "side" in this conflict with the Arabs against the Jews, but now she comes back and says that isn't the case. Well then what about the second part? She says that the Israel lobby "distorts" the political process, but she hasn't explained how exactly they do that. All she has proven in her article is that members of the Israel lobby give money to politicians. But that's been a sacred part of the political system for a while now, and all sorts of interests and lobbies do that. So why is it when pro-Israel people exercise their rights under the Constitution, suddenly it's "distorting the political process?"

Let's hurry up and finish: She says that "we stand in solidarity" with Arab protesters but does not mention Syria, only Egypt (with a shot at AIPAC to round it out). I mention this because many of our anti-Zionist friends don't seem to like the possibility that Assad could fall and often try to besmirch the rebels as not representative of the Syrian people.

Here's something interesting though:
"This week, over 10,000 citizen lobbyists with AIPAC will push the country in the dangerous direction of war with Iran and ongoing occupation of Palestine." 
Ten thousand citizen lobbyists. Ten thousand. And how many people does "Occupy AIPAC" have coming to their protest? 881. So you tell me who represents the "99%," Ms. Abileah.

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  1. Someone should ask him/her how they justify using self professed neo nazi antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff as one of their main image smiths? And by ask I mean, simply point it out since they won't respond to the query.


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