Thursday, March 1, 2012

HuffPo Uses Holocaust Denier to Stir Up Trouble (for the GOP)

Zach and I almost never comment on American domestic politics, simply choosing to criticize or praise Americans only on the subjects of Israel and Jews. But yesterday the Huffington Post did something very interesting with a news article it published. Take a look at the headline:

If you read the headline, and the headline alone, it sounds like a Republican nomination for Congress is a Holocaust denier. But in reality, he is running in a primary. The HP spun the headline to make this Art Jones guy representative of all the Republicans in Illinois, but at the moment anyway he represents no one but himself. I say this not to defend the Republicans, but to request honesty from the Huffington Post in all things.

But actually, we at HPM should be grateful that the HP spun the headline the way it did. Now that Jones' connection to the Republican party was established from the onset of the article, there were hundreds of comments condemning Jones and Holocaust denial. You would think that this wouldn't be something we would be grateful for, but in the past the Huffington Post has buried Holocaust denial stories and has published stories that generated lots of Holocaust denial comments. 

Of course, this story wasn't completely free of hatred either. Check out the top "Highlight" of the comments section:

And another "highlight:"

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  1. I predict this guy will get fewer votes than the number of invalid ballots.

    Will they point out that Abu Mazen aka Mahmoud Abbas has a PHD in holocaust denial?


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