Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HuffPost Shills for Global March

The (ooh! scary!) "Global March to Jerusalem" is scheduled to take place a few days from now, and I'm surprised the Huffington Post hasn't engaged with their usual sucking up and advertising that they did for the flotillas every single time. For now things are fair, since the exchange was started with a great article by David Harris exposing the GMJ, but the Huffington Post has responded not with a real journalist who is sympathetic to the marchers (oh no) but three of the marchers themselves. Let's see what they have to say.

They declare in their title that their intention is not to delegitimize Israel, so we'll see if they back that up. Their opening salvos declare that Israel should be concerned about being isolated since their only friend in the entire world is America. A common anti-Zionist talking point, not exactly true, but we can't exactly expect miracles can we. Finally, something interesting about mid way through:
"The government of Greece, for example, humiliated itself by preventing a peaceful flotilla of boats from leaving its shores for Gaza in 2011, for the sake of relations with Israel."
I like this. This is great. Greece didn't do what they wanted so therefore Greece was "humiliated." Are they going to prove that? Nah. Let's just say it and everyone will assume we are telling the truth and stop thinking about it. Greece stopped the boats, the floidiots ranted and raved and then everyone went home. That's more or less the story. Greece was not "humiliated," but if they would rather believe that then think they are the ones humiliated, then go for it. Instead we're back to the old talking points:
"If we want to know how the Greek people feel, on the other hand, we need only look at their pride in organizing the 2008 popular campaign to break the Israeli siege of Gaza, as shown in the Greek film Gaza, We Are Coming, or at a recent basketball match between Israelis and Greeks, which was more about Greek solidarity with Palestine than about athletics."
Another classic anti-Israel talking point. Who cares what the governments do, the people support us! The people of course being the other tiny minority in Greece (a democracy, by the way, in case you forgot) who team up with the tiny minority in every other country to cause a lot of trouble and get on television. As I'm sure the anti-Zionists are fully aware you don't need a lot of people (let alone a majority) to put on a big show.

But wait! Why are we even talking about this? Don't get distracted! The subject is the "Global March to Jerusalem," so let's see what they have to say about it.
"The Global March to Jerusalem, a movement to prevent the expulsion and marginalization of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine, is merely an extension of these popular initiatives, which the Reut Institute rightly perceives to be growing."
This is then followed by the classic anti-Zionist talking point that "we're not delegitimizing Israel they're delegitimizing themselves her der der."  At no point in this entire article do they explain what the GMJ is or what its purpose is. They don't explain what they intend to do when they arrive except "protest nonviolently," which we have all heard before. Instead they return to the standard boring talking points for example:
"What can put a nice face on the policy of reducing Jerusalem's Palestinian population from 37% to 30%?"
Oh, a 7% decrease of population? You're right guys that's much worse than thousands of people dead in Syria. How horrible of me not to realize that. The presence of the fighting in Syria (despite the cease fire which may or may still be holding by the time this post goes up) adds an extra layer of hypocritical irony to this column whining about "Palestinian rights," especially given that they are passing through Syria to get there! Let's finish up with this pretentious paragraph:
"Is it any wonder that the world has despaired of its leadership holding Israel accountable, and has therefore created popular initiatives like the Gaza flotillas, the Gaza Freedom marches, and the Global March to Jerusalem?"
Yes. That's right. "The world" created this. That's why pretty much all of the organizers and participants in it are (a) Radical Muslims (b) anti-Semites or (c) shills of Iran. Mostly all three. CifWatch's page on the GMJ contains all the real information you need about this thing, minus the lies and the talking points in contained in the HuffPo's piece of propaganda. Let's just take one example of the great information you'll find there that you won't find on the Huffington Post:

Can't you feel the peace? This opener is annoying enough, but as the next few days go by we're sure to have some more. Especially if the Arabs provoke more fighting like they have in the past. If they do I'm sure the Huffington Post will be right on the front lines to defend them.

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