Thursday, March 8, 2012

Israel Vs. Iran: Racism Starts to Come Out

There are probably at least eight threads about AIPAC, President Obama, the Republicans, etc, all revolving around the Israel-Iran conflict. With thousands of comments it's not worth out time to wade through them all, but yesterday I noticed that racism was starting to become more blatant:

Let's throw in some Holocaust denial while we are at it:

The original link.

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  1. How was that last bit, from Abo, Holocaust denial. He mentioned that the NYTimes buried the atrocities of the Holocaust in the back pages, not that the Holocaust didn't happen. The fact that the NYTimes is not owned by Jews is another problem entirely, or that this ownership is a clear problem (when it seems to someone like myself that the NYTimes is biased against Israel), is another issue all together. Still, I don't see the Holocaust denial here.


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