Friday, March 16, 2012

John Feffer Backtracks, Makes an Admission

If you didn't read Zach's analysis of John Feffer's anti-Israel screed for the HP, read it now. One of our readers wrote to Feffer demanding some accountability for the diatribe, and here was Feffer's response (I removed the reader's name):

So we only see half the conversation, but it's illuminating nonetheless. Feffer admits that he doesn't know more than anyone else on Israel, but hey at least he knows a lot about KOREA! But it's interesting that Feffer describes himself as "pro-Israel." Not too many pro-Israel people I know would write things like this:
" Indifferent to international law, armed to the teeth, and isolated in their respective regions, Israel and North Korea dance to their own tune, however discordant it might be for everybody else... 

Increasingly, Israel has come under mainstream media criticism for its domestic human rights as well. It’s not just the ghastly treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. It’s not just the second-class citizenship accorded to non-Jews inside Israel proper. It’s also the rampant extremism that is rising like bile in the Israeli body politic..."
Feffer is simply lying when he says he doesn't support "the Israel of Netanyahu and illegal settlements." Israel has been "indifferent to international law" and occupying the Palestinians for decades, long before Netanyahu came into power, fell out of it, and came back into it. If Netanyahu was hit by a bus tomorrow and a new guy took his place, none of the things Feffer addressed would be resolved.

Feffer claims to support Israel, but actions speak louder than words, and his actions that his opinions about Israel and its alliance with the United States come more from a place of prejudice than a place of knowledge.

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