Wednesday, March 14, 2012

John Tilman: "Die Israel Die!" (Part 2)

Continuing with the response to John Tilman's article about how Israel is going to destroy itself, and his desperate search for evidence that his genocidal prediction will come true. After dismissing the Iranian nuclear bomb as not a threat and saying that the Arab spring is Israel's fault, he gets to his weakest argument of all:
"The third recent and noteworthy event occurred not in the region but in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- a student-organized conference at Harvard on a "one state" solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For many, such a solution -- recognizing that a two-state agreement is improbable and that there is in effect one state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River -- is a harbinger of the destruction of Israel. Demographically it likely is, since Arabs would outnumber Jews in that state in a few years. "
Unless this conference is organized by Israelis it still doesn't back up his claim at the beginning of the article and in the title that the only existential threat to Israel is itself. At least Tilman has the courage to make it clear that the Arabs would destroy Israel if given the opportunity, something that their supporters have often bragged about, so it's not exactly at a secret. But he can't let this go without a shot at Israel:
"Were Palestinians to be given basic human rights, like voting, they would likely be in control." 
Yes, let's ask Walid Husayin how much Palestinians value basic human rights. You remember him, right? He's imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority. Which was (wait for it) voted into power by the Palestinian people. Nice to see that Mr. Tilman is really earning that executive director position at MIT. I look forward to his next article whining about how Afghanis can't vote in American elections and Pakistanis can't petition the American government.

With all this out of the way, he finally lays his cards on the table in a blame Israel extravaganza:
"One can easily see why Israelis are alarmed by one-state talk. But of course it is the logical outcome of what Israel is actually doing. It shows no sign of serious negotiations to create a Palestinian state. It builds settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank with practically no restraint. It isolates Gaza, strengthening the hand of the most extreme elements. It scoffs at the democratic impulses of the Arab transformation, and may soon be surrounded by Arab states not longer willing to accept the status quo. And it attempts -- successfully so far -- to distract everyone with inflated threat assessments regarding Iran."
Not one original thought in the entire thing! I've seen Huffington Posters use the exact same talking points. I don't see why I should have to keep having the same arguments over and over again but for the sake of completion let's just use bullet points:

1) 1.1%. Sucker.
2) No peace negotiations happened during settlement freeze.
3) The endlessly increasing Palestinian demands for preconditions.
4) Israel's welcome of Syrian democracy that I discussed earlier.
5) Thank goodness Mr. Tilman hasn't been deceived by the Jews, even while the entire planet considers Iranian nuclear weapons to be against their interests.
6) The pie in the sky attitude toward the "Arab Spring," that it will save the Palestinians from themselves.
7) And finally, none of this is an existential threat to Israel. But wait, he'll get to that:
"When Palestinian statehood prospects are a shambles and a Greater Israel is a fact on the ground, the global community -- minus Washington, of course -- will insist that Palestinians be given citizenship in Israel. Thus a one-state solution is indeed unfolding before our eyes, a creation not of Cambridge academics or Arab militants, but the State of Israel itself."
This is what I call "the Cassandra." We've seen it all the time. Palestinian supporters declaring like Elijah or Paul Atreides: this shall come to pass!!!!! The "global community" will never insist that Israel take steps that will destroy itself no matter how many settlements they build. Why? Because of sovereignty, the only section of international law that actually matters. That's the reason why there is no intervention in Syria (nor any in South Africa) and that's exactly why no state will interfere with the internal affairs of another. No one is forcing even weak countries like North Korea into giving their people rights for that exact reason.

But you know what? If Mr. Tilson wants to wait another fifty years for this "Greater Israel" to eventually show up and try his luck then, go for it. I guess the "poor suffering oppressed Palestinian people" wouldn't mind that plan either. But if it doesn't work, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

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  1. Tirman and his department are both frauds. MIT should be embarrassed by this amateur. That they even have this department is surprising...I wonder how much money it is worth to them?


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