Friday, March 9, 2012

Joshua Hersh's Spin Leads to McCarthyism

We haven't commented about Joshua Hersh before, but if you don't know him he's a Huffington Post reporter (not blogger). He does original reporting for the Huffington Post and so we don't usually talk about what he writes except when the bias is as blatant as it was in this article. Let's first take a look at the headline:

"Courter-In-Chief?" What does that even mean? The article itself is about Ambassador Rice speaking to some Jews at AIPAC and talking about how she defends Israel at the United Nations every day. The article itself continues to blur the line between editorial and news, for example this section:
"Rice's role as courter-in-chief of pro-Israel voters comes with a touch of irony, not least because the U.N. may be the one international institution Israelis, and pro-Israeli Americans, tend to view with the most suspicion and derision."
Have you got that? So if you recognize that the U.N. doesn't work, is controlled by dictatorships, and is a waste of everyone's time and money you must either be an Israeli or "pro-Israel." I guess these people are all secretly motivated by the Israelis right Mr. Hersch? That seems to be what you are saying. But thank you for your opinion on how ironic this situation is. Too bad nobody asked for it.

Other forms of bias included glossing over just how ugly the "Durban Conference" actually was, and talking about the Goldstone Report without mentioning Goldstone's retraction of it.

Anyway, thanks to the biased headline the Huffington Post hate brigade came charging out of the woodwork to throw their endless smears of McCarthyism:

Oops. How on earth could they have gotten that impression, right Mr. Hersch?

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  1. Israel and Jews should be the Huffington Post's best friends. Instead, Arianna hires a Jew to bash both. It is not democratic I can tell you that. More like the 100 year return of turn of the century commie bolshevik crap.


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