Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Levy on Toulouse, the Hate Keeps Flowing

HP blogger Bernard Henri Levy wrote an article about the Toulouse shooting and more hate kept flowing. A lot of the hate this time derived from the fact that his op ed didn't also mention the uniformed French paratroopers killed by presumably the same attacker. Take a look for yourself:

No Jew baiting and personal attacks around here, just criticism of the author's argument!


  1. According to these lunatics own demented thinking, we Jews are duty bound to start shelling French towns, schools and hospitals. We are to be supported in firing missiles, mortars and RPGs at French children, French cafes and such. And to say nothing of car bombing French government facilities. If nothing else that would be the noble and righteous response of a downtrodden people.

    Actually that idea sort of appeals to me.

  2. Hamas agrees with Ashton and they’d probably agree with these huffpo commenter’s as well.
    Show me who your friends are...........

    After uproar, Hamas official calls on world to support Ashton


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