Monday, March 19, 2012

Life on the HP: "Child Soldiers A-OK"

The Huffington Post published a story about Israel's detention of Palestinian children being criticized (I hesitate to call that "news"). The story generated over 800 comments and I'm still working my way through them. But I thought I would give you an example of a typical conversation that repeated over and over again throughout the comments section. You can read them yourself if you don't believe me.

First, a pro-Israel person will point out the following:

Throwing rocks at cops/soldiers is an aggressive act that one can easily be arrested for. Every country on Earth would arrest (at BEST) children who throw rocks.

Let's take a look at how the anti-Zionists justify the use of child soldiers:

The Jews do it too!

Well, Israel shouldn't exist so it's OK.
Well, Israel can stop the kids, but they are just too mean when they do!

Children can do whatever they want (seriously)

And the all time classic: "It's OK because they are occupied."

For any other group of people, sending children to the front lines to fight soldiers and then complaining when they get arrested would be pathetic and universally condemned. For the Palestinians, it gets them sympathetic front page headlines.


  1. I'm still waiting to see how HP 'moderates' today's brief article about the mass murder in France. They held off publishing anything for a while then allowed a few "Isn't this horrible" comments through. If history is any guide, they'll release the sluice gates of screaming Nazi Jew hate soon, just as they always do.

  2. Ah just as I suspected:

  3. and this/these nuggets of insanity


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