Sunday, March 18, 2012

MJ Rosenberg and the Holocaust

MJ Rosenberg, still reeling from the backlash from his "Israel firster" fiasco, has gone with what seems like a safe subject: condemning conservatives for using "the Holocaust card" and being "disrespectful" to Holocaust victims. His latest essay, The Right Plays Politics With the Holocaust, is unusually disjointed for him.

The essay leads off with a trip that Rosenberg and his wife took to Poland, in which they saw concentration camps and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Rosenberg then tells everyone how important it is to remember the Holocaust:
"Nonetheless, it is impossible to forget how they [Polish Jews] were killed. Nor should we try to forget. Although recalling the Holocaust does nothing for the victims, remembrance is a weapon against other acts of genocide (although, as is obvious, only a limited one). It also serves of a reminder of where hate — in this case anti-Semitism — can lead."
 Then Rosenberg lays into the right for misusing the Holocaust:
"Today anyone can be called an anti-Semite and any event can be likened to the Holocaust. I don't know when that started, but it reached a new height when Glenn Beck, the former Fox commentator, decided that the best way to destroy the reputation of liberal philanthropist George Soros was to lie and say that this Holocaust victim was, in fact, a Nazi accomplice.

Since then, the right has utilized Nazi horrors as a tool against every progressive cause they don't like including the president's signature health care law and his call for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.

Even worse is the name-calling. If the right does not like someone, there is a good chance he will be likened to Nazis or called an anti-Semite. That applies to Jews, even Israelis, who oppose bombing Iran or want to end the occupation"
Indeed, how dare anyone use the Nazi horrors as a tool for politics! Like...MJ Rosenberg.

The thing about this blog is that it is useful for archiving as well as news. Let's take a look at the times MJ Rosenberg "utilized Nazi horrors" to push his own politics, shall we?

In January of 2011, MJ wrote an article about the Palestinian woman Abu Rahma who was allegedly killed by Israeli tear gas. When faced with skepticism about the cause of her death, AKA, anyone who disagreed with the Palestinian story that she was "murdered" by the Israelis, MJ responded with the following post:

Anyone who tries to justify Palestinian deaths under any circumstances (or even disagree with Palestinian dogma) is like a Holocaust denier. This from someone who claims to be "pro-Israel."

In September of 2010, MJ Rosenberg wrote a contemptible screed on the killing of four unarmed Israelis near Hebron. Here is the postscript of the article, after he read some of the comments:

 Anyone who claims there is no moral equivalence between accidental civilian casualties and intentional murder are like the Nazis. Anyone who points out that Palestinians use children as soldiers and human shields (a fact that has never been denied, not even by the Palestinians themselves) are like the Nazis.

But beyond MJ Rosenberg, let's take a look at the left and the Nazis:

MJ Rosenberg is a colossal hypocrite and he should be ashamed to have ever written his most recent article. He is as bad as Glenn Beck and the other right wingers he claims to loathe.


  1. Make no mistake. Rosenberg is 'that' close from denying the Holocaust. That's the real point of his objection.

  2. You guys are doing great work here. Chazak, chazak!
    - Benyamin Korn

  3. Another great piece!

    To refer to MJ as a "colossal hypocrite", is so true, and much, much nicer than the term
    I would have chosen.

    MJ has an ax to grind with AIPAC, and will plow down anyone who gets in the way of
    his doing so, even at the expense of, as he says, "his own".
    What a sad, sad person he is.

  4. More MJ Quixote
    Media Matters Boasts to Al-Jazeera: Obama Mistreated Netanyahu
    “Rosenberg asserts that the President of the United States intentionally mistreated the Prime Minister of Israel to "send signals" to the Arab world. Since Rosenberg works for an organization that holds weekly "strategy calls" with the White House, it stands to reason that he may have been drawing upon insider information to make that claim.”


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