Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More HuffPo Pot Stirring

Even while hate continues to spew on the Toulouse shooting threads, the Huffington Post thought they'd engineer some more with an article about a Pentagon projection that an Israeli attack on Iran would hurt America. Long story short they believe that an attack could lead to a larger regional war that in turn could pull America in, which may be true but didn't happen with Iraq and Syria. Not exactly a shocking development. People have been saying the same thing for months now.

However, since this is the Huffington Post, the readership would not leave an opportunity to engage in the classic anti-Semitism that we usually see on Iran/Israel threads: AIPAC controls America, America is Israel's "lapdog," and despite full moderation naked anti-Semitism can still be found:

Here are some further sampling:

Must be more "criticism" of Israel's "policies."

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