Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Mark Perry, More Hatred

He's back, baby! Mark Perry, who you may remember from such tall tales as Mossad agents posing as CIA, America engaging with Hamas and Hezbollah, and General Petraeus blaming Israel for the deaths of American soldiers. All of which are like red meat to the Huffington Post of course. This time he tried something a little less controversial, that Israel is "buying" an airbase in Azerbaijan to use against Iran, complete with the usual "anonymous sources." Israel Matsav has some analysis. Naturally this made it onto the HuffPo's front page though not a screaming headline:

It goes without saying that, even without any proof at all, the Huffington Posters will instantly believed it and poured out their rage into the comment thread. Leaving aside any of the usual "rogue state," "source of all war on earth," the anti-Semitism appeared right away:

And the Huffington Post hits a new low.

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