Sunday, March 25, 2012

Most Ridiculous HuffPo Bias Yet

Elder of Ziyon has been covering the recent fuel crisis in Gaza, even when no one else was doing it. It is very clear to anyone paying attention that it is the fault of Hamas. But did the HuffPo notice? Nope! Until they could get a good bloody shirt to wave:

Yep. That's the first time the Huffington Post has noticed. Think the readership will even bother to read the article before blaming Israel?

Well done Huffington Post.


  1. Of course the HuffPo won't tell the truth which has been reported in the Israeli media. It is HAMAS which has refused oil shipments, and diesel shipments which the Israelis were willing to transfer. This is an energy shortage which has been engineered to kill Arabs BY THEIR DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. If, in fact, this baby died, it is entirely the fault of the Arabs.

    They want dead Arab children to try to smear the Israelis with. So they dig up years' old pictures of children who died in accidents and pretend that they are new "victims" of the Jews, and they kill their own babies for the same reason.

    The whole society is sick.

  2. "Honest Reporting" today notes that AP retracted this story BECAUSE IT'S A LIE.


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