Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Muslims Rally in Support of NYPD, HP Heads Explode

In the kind of story that we might expect about "good Jews" dissing Israel, a group of Muslims rallied in New York City in support of the NYPD's surveillance of mosques.
"Qayyoom stood in front of the NYPD's downtown headquarters Monday to throw his support behind the police.

"A real Muslim has no problem with spying if it is to keep us safe," said Qayyoom, who leads about 100 people in prayer each week at the Queens mosque. "We have nothing to hide."
He joined a coalition of about two-dozen Muslims, most representing organizations outside New York, who gathered in the city to rally in support of the NYPD's surveillance program, which has resonated far beyond New York as civil rights groups and politicians across the country have taken sides with some calling for federal and state investigations of the department.
Standing in front of a large red, white and blue banner that read "American Muslims Support NYPD" with signs denouncing the Council on American Islamic-Relations and the New York Times editorial board, which have strongly opposed the surveillance program, members of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition took turns voicing their concerns."
What's awesome, and hilarious, in the reaction of some of the anti-surveillance voices on the HP:

The exact same reactions us pro-Israel people have when Jews come out and bash Israel! But I guess "self-hating Jew" is just "hasbara" talk for "silencing dissent" but "self-hating Muslim" is perfectly acceptable.

The irony is delicious.

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  1. Yep. The Islamists at the HP are losing their minds. They managed to shut down the comments section for this blogger who must have really pissed them off:

    Here's an interesting question for you: if someone who's known for their very violent temper declared they hate you and would rather see you dead, would you let them into your house?

    Now let me ask you another question: if as a result of your decision not to let them in, your neighbors would say your behavior is racist, would you still value your life and safety over your image in the neighborhood? Not an easy choice, but I'm guessing choosing life and surviving the bad image is what you'd do.

    I'm asking because of the slander festival against Israel that just ended these days. It's called Israeli Apartheid Week, and it's being held in 109 university campuses in cities all around the world, for the 8th year in a row. It calls for boycott and sanctions on Israel claiming it is a racial state because it discriminates Palestinians.

    After spending quite some time in the official website of this noble organization, I must confess -- it I hadn't known the truth, I too would have been convinced -- the site is packed with information and facts. The only problem is that these facts are partial, and therefore paint a partial picture that brings to false accusations.


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