Monday, March 26, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Followup On: Rally for Merah

The Huffington Post was all over the Toulouse shooting, but missed this postscript to the tragic incident:
"(AGI) Toulouse - Police in France prevented a group of people from holding a demonstration in memory of the Toulouse killer.
  This afternoon, some one hundred riot police officers intervened to disperse about thirty people who were trying to hold a demonstration in memory of Mohammed Merah, the man behind a series of shootings in Toulouse who was killed by the police two days ago after an over 32-hour siege. Most of the demonstrators were burqa-clad young women. Wearing the full-body burqa veil in public is illegal in France. . ."
Things that make you go "Hmm..."

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  1. Which is odd because Arianna herself was probably in attendance.


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