Thursday, March 29, 2012

Syria Targeting Children? Who Cares!

The Huffington Post thought they really had something. A story about children being tortured. A UN human rights chief declaring that children were being specifically targeted by the military for torture and murder. They had damning quotes:
"They've gone for the children - for whatever purposes - in large numbers. Hundreds detained and's just horrendous...children shot in the knees, held together with adults in really inhumane conditions, denied medical treatment for their injuries, either held as hostages or as sources of information."
They had bloody shirts to wave:

They had everything in place to gather tens of thousand of comments and hundreds of thousands of clicks.

They just lacked one crucial ingredient: Jews.

Aww, man! Why did all this happen to be about Syria? Even though this article has been up for more than 12 hours it still has only managed to gain 130 measly comments, which is slow even by most Syrian standards. A decent amount of them of them are by Assad apologists denouncing the story as "lies" and "propaganda." There were also more than a few self-hating Americans who tried to pull the moral equivalence card.

But the it wouldn't be complete without those who, denied the opportunity to bash Israel, decided to do so anyway:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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