Friday, March 9, 2012

Today's Biased Headline: Israel Loves Syrian Crisis

Check out the headline on the latest HP "Die AIPAC Die" article:

AIPAC embraces the Syrian crisis, in which hundreds of people have been massacred? Curse those evil, barbaric Zionists!

But if you read the article,
"I admire the courage of the Syrian people and I wish them peace and freedom from the depths of all of our hearts," said Israeli President Shimon Peres, to warm applause, when he opened the conference on Sunday morning....

Tabler said he thinks the reason for this transition in public opinion, at least among the pro-Israel crowd at AIPAC, is largely driven by a growing awareness, thanks to YouTube videos and personal testimonials, of the suffering of the Syrian people.

"They were a little bit cynical at first, but now the degree of the brutality of the regime I think strikes people on a very human level," Tabler said. "And I think what it does is it wipes out, at least temporarily, the political divides."
 So not only is there almost nothing about AIPAC, but what the Israelis and pro-Israel people are advocating is for the side of the Syrian people.

But hey, why publish an objective, accurate headline when a dishonest one will net you more clicks?

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