Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's HP Headline Bias: "Schoolboy" Killed in Gaza

Check out today's biased Huffington Post headline:

Seriously, describing a killed civilian as a "schoolboy"? Funny how Israeli civilian Daniel Viflic, killed literally in a school bus on his way home from school, didn't get that description, in the body of the article much less the headline.

Update: While thousands die in Syria and an American soldier is arrested for massacring Afghanis, the Huffington Post still considers this story important enough to take the headline in the "World" section. Complete with bloody shirt waving:

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  1. Today: Why the Sudden Israel-Gaza Escalation?

    He claims to not understand why this is happening because, in his words, there's never been any escalation at all, eg. there's no rockets flying into Israel.

    "But had there been a sudden or serious escalation? As far as I can tell from here the answer is no. By and large, Hamas themselves have been on ceasefire and QassamCount, a website reporting rocket attacks on Israel, does not appear to have reported an escalation recently."


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