Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today's Huffington Post Bias

Here comes the latest Huffington Post biased headline, this time courtesy of the "Religion" section:

In this case it is more a case of bias by omission. The reason why the mail carriers wouldn't deliver the Christian materials are because they considered it to be proselytizing, which is against their religion (as well as Israeli law). It was not because they had anything against Christians. Do you think the Huffington Posters were so understanding of that point of view?

Stupid question right?


  1. Typical tripe from the uneducated. I wonder if Arianna ever considered the stupidity of most of her posters. After all, they seem to have a lot of time on their hands coming up with more reasons and more snark to bash Jews and the Israeli state. Someone should remind these geniuses that Nazi, Klan, and Radical Islamic ideologies are for total losers. Goose stepping, head stomping, and convincing little children to kill themselves aren't signs of intelligence.

  2. AFAIK that's not permitted under Federal Law in the US either but I could be wrong. One wonders what the Huffponicans would say if all their homes were bombarded by Christian bibles too. But, in fact when sharia is triumphant in the US it will be specifically because of low pressure efforts just like this. Americans will see brand new Korans in their mailbox one day and there will be scads of HuffPo columns extolling the virtues of Medieval sharia.


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