Monday, April 2, 2012

Arming Syrian Opposition? Israel Bashing Ensues

The news broke recently that 70 countries, including America, made the decision to fund the Syria rebels. Very very few Huffington Posters approved of this news for some of the following reasons: It's imperialism which is bad, the opposition are Al Qaeda terrorists who will turn against us, it's none of our business, we can't afford it, etc. You may or may not find those reasons convincing but I got the impression that (just like with many foreign policy news pieces) the readers just took the opportunity to make some political hay. The rightists bashed Obama for interfering and the leftists bashed America for interfering.

Naturally, the usual suspects decided to show up to take their shots at Israel, even though Israel had nothing to do with the story:

This is still the Huffington Post after all.


  1. I devised a new term for folks like the above: HuffPOS.

    Arianna is a member of the Devil's family. No doubt in my mind, she is aware of the anti-Semitism that lines her pockets with cash.

  2. "DanStewart".
    Not as blatant or nasty as some, but have no doubt, a rabid anti-semite none the less, who defends and excuses the cold blooded murder of Israeli civilians, and children.
    (And just because I say he is not "as nasty", doesn't mean he isn't nasty)


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