Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barry Lando Stirs Up Anger

Huffington Post blogger Barry Lando, who we have talked about before, has written a really questionable article on the Huffington Post. As you are probably aware, Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik is on trial right now for the killing of more than 70 people. Mr. Lando, however, thought that he would take the opportunity to stir up some anger against everyone's favorite target: right-wingers and Israel.

Apparently right-wing columnist Pamela Geller wrote some things that Mr. Lando didn't like about the situation. Check out how he describes her:
"One of the most prominent and respectable being Pamela Geller, who runs a blog called Atlas Shrugs, is rabidly pro Israel, plays a prominent role in right wing Republican circles, and is a regular on Fox News."
Notice the shot at Israel in there, as if being pro-Israel is just as bad as being a regular on Fox News. Of course it is past discussion that being a regular on Fox News is a bad thing, that's a baseline for reading the Huffington Post.

Anyway what is making Lando mad is that Geller wrote an article on her blog about far left activities that the camp Breivik targeted was participating in. Apparently it was a home for Socialist points of view and was anti-Israel as well. Geller claims that she didn't write it in order to justify Breivik's crime but to be perfectly honest it certainly comes off that way. Even if it doesn't attempt to justify it it does attempt to minimize or deflect attention away from it.

The problem that I have with Lando's response is two fold: First I don't understand why he wrote the article. Geller's opinions about things are not relevant to the Breivik trial, and if he hates her and her points of view so much why give them any attention? It's not like he is going to convince any Geller-fans on the Huffington Post to change their minds.

Secondly, as with many Huffington Post bloggers, he goes a bridge too far and starts to distort the truth. Let me take an example:
"Turns out however, as Geller views the world, that even worse than the crime of promoting multi-culturalism, those kids were also listening to speakers who actually criticized Israel. Norway's Foreign Minister, for example, had told them that the Palestinians "must have their own state, the occupation must end and the wall must be demolished and it must happen now.""
This is a strawman of Geller's point of view. The children at the camp were not just being told criticisms of Israel. They were basically being indoctrinated into anti-Israel beliefs. Here's an example of them pretending to help Hamas:

And their views on whether BDS is a noble goal:

Now again, this doesn't have any thing to do with Anders Breivik or what he did. This is about telling the truth versus throwing mud on right-wingers and the Jewish state by extension. The camp is pretty clearly indoctrinating the children, and if it were a Jewish camp I doubt that Mr. Lando would be singing the same tune. In fact we've already seen attacks on Jewish summer camps in the Huffington Post. He should just be honest enough to either admit that she has a point or just say it doesn't matter what kind of camp it is, Breivik's crime is still wrong and leave it alone.

Ultimately it's a pointless article, just intending to make people mad and take shots at Israel while he's at it. Fortunately it doesn't appear to have worked: Only one comment has been made on the article so far.


  1. Hey, thanks for the article. There has got to be a VERY serious concerted effort to out HuffPuff as a haven for Anti-Semites, liars, and holocaust deniers.
    I'm a liberal and I've actually considered taking the case to FOX. They'd probably be happy to point it out to the world. And they wouldn't have to twist anything.

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