Sunday, April 8, 2012

BDS Hypocrisy in Tweet Form

Check out this tweet that so perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy of the BDS movement:

Silencing debate? Isn't that what the BDS movement does every time it tries to block an Israeli speaker from coming to a university or town hall, or every time it calls for an academic boycott?

This kind of hypocrisy doesn't come from moral, right thinking individuals. It comes from a brainwashed, hate filled mob.


  1. Article on Iran's nukes:
    Obama is tool of the Jews/It's the Jews fault

    And too many to track just on the first page. Since this is a moderated blog, one can only assume that HP's official editorial policy is one which includes genocide of all the Jews.

  2. In the article about Gunter Grass the ELEVEN HUNDRED posts are all pretty much on the side of being in the Hitler Youth and the Waffen SS were ok and probably not something to make any sort of deal about. Gunther Grass is the real victim here. And Jews are all Nazis who probably deserve the Holocaust - - which may or may not have happened because...the Jews control all media and governments, etc etc etc etc.


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