Monday, April 30, 2012

Benzion Netanyahu Dead, HPers Cheer

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's father passed away over the weekend at the age of 102. The Huffington Post covered this news, and naturally placed its spin on it.

Just had to get that "hawkish" adjective in the headline, didn't they? Other newspapers, from Ha'aretz to the LA Times, from Bloomberg to Ynet, left Netanyahu's politics out of the headline. Of course, the NY Times did the same headline editorializing, which I think says something.

After that headline, and some finely selected quotes in the article, the HP commenters were ready to cheer a man's death.

Pretty sickening. I guess they save their sympathy for dead terrorists.


  1. And of course, from one of HP's biggest resident anti-Semities:

    Commented 34 minutes ago in World

    “It is required to pay homage to the father of the Führer.”

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    Happy to say it was removed.

  2. aliVonal
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    1 hour ago ( 1:42 PM)

    Another Nazi is dead. Good riddance.

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