Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daoud Kuttab Is So Sorry

Deviating a little from our usual coverage, check out this recent tweet by Huffington Post blogger Daoud Kuttab:

Gee, yet another Huffington Post blogger who is full of sympathy for terrorists. And just in case you feel like I am misrepresenting the poor Mr. Bitwai, let's hear from the man himself what he had to say:
"Our choice is the military option. We must put an end to the despicable negotiations. The time has come for jihad [holy war] and martyrdom."--- Shiekh Hamed Bitawi, chairman of the Palestine Religious Scholars Association and head of the PA's Sharia Court of Appeals in Nablus. (Al-Jazira Television, 14 May 1998) 
Just the sort of guy Mr. Kuttab would stand up for, don't you think? But oh, let me guess, it's not really about who Mr. Bitwai is, right? No no, it's about how unjust it is that he died without the company of his family.

In that case, you know who else died without their family present?

Daniel Viflic. Yitzhak Ames. Talya Ames. Avishai Shindler. Kochava Chaim. Irit Sheetrit. Amnon Rosenberg. Shimon Mizrahi. Eli Wasserman. And more than I would care to remember.

But none of them even got the courtesy of a tweet from Mr. Daoud Kuttab.

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  1. In the strange world of the Palestinian apologist, it is just as politically correct to cheer and encourage the harm and deaths of Jews, as it is to
    cheer the people who do the harm and killing.

    It is acceptable, providing it is the Jew that is being threatened or harmed.

    When Palestinians harm or threaten Jews, no problem, it is 'justice'. But don't dare a Jew harm or threaten a Palestinian, even in retaliation, because that is when you will hear cries of INjustice.


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