Friday, April 20, 2012

Fallout from YomHashoah Continues

As much as I wish we could move on to something else, the Huffington Posts' marking of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) continues to produce very informative behavior both on the part of the editors and the users. As I mentioned yesterday and this morning, Holocaust denial and Israel-baiting ran rampant on the main Yom Hashoah thread. That is, until the moderators charged in and starting culling comments like a scythe-wielding farmer:

So the Huffington Posters decided to switch their tactics. It was no longer enough to directly go after the Jewish victims of the Holocaust or the living Jews today. So instead they decided to pretend to care about the other victims of the Holocaust besides the Jews, in a textbook example of Holocaust cynicism:

Be sure to note the number of favorites in that last one. This is smarter anti-Semite behavior because on the surface it doesn't appear to have anything to do with Jews or the Jewish state. But as I explained in the original Holocaust cynicism post, you have to consider the motivation behind the posts. I am highly doubtful that people like "tallndumb," "jollyelle," and "RubalKhali," who we see bash Israel day in and day out, all of the sudden and by pure coincidence suddenly care about honoring the Polish victims of the Nazis. Do they really expect us to believe that they are not on the thread to cause trouble but to bring up a legitimate point?

What they are saying is that Yom HaShoah shouldn't exist. That Jews shouldn't honor their dead. That Jews should honor all the dead and not make it "about them." There might be a legitimate case to be made on this topic, if it came from people who didn't have such an obvious agenda. There have been threads about Polish Catholic victims of the Nazis in other places on the Huffington Post. I didn't see any of them there. Just to make sure my point is made I'm going to quote another Huffington Post blogger, Georgette Bennett:
"Failing to acknowledge the unique targeting of the Jews in the Holocaust effectively does what the Nazis failed to do. It eradicates the Jews by writing them out of history. This seems to reflect a new form of political correctness. In the interest of "inclusivity," we create equivalence between the Holocaust against the Jews and the wide net in which Hitler snared so many other victims.Holocaust denial runs along a continuum. At one end are the mad rantings of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who, contrary to vast troves of historical evidence, denies that the Holocaust occurred at all. At the other end are the well-meaning people who acknowledge that something terrible happened, but gloss over the primary target of that evil -- the Jews. This end of the continuum is, in some ways, more insidious than the extreme position of our Iranian nemesis, because it seems so benign and egalitarian. "
As a postscript, let's include this comment. You interpret it however you like:

I guess the moderators missed that one. Oops.

Update: And here is one more:

The hatred never stops.

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