Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holocaust Memorial Day, Holocaust Cynicism Day

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and you know what that means. Three articles were published on the subject, one in the World section and two in the Religion section. At the time I am writing this the cynicism was kept to reasonable levels but approved by the Huffington Post moderators none the less:

But don't forget: Only eeevil "Zionists" conflate Jews and Israelis.


  1. On Boteach's column about whether it's reasonable to have a legal system which may or could release Anders Brievik after 21 years for 77 counts of murder, the comments generally break down to

    Blame the Jews
    Jews/Israelis are racist savages
    All Israelis are murderers

    as of 9:06am eastern

  2. Oh yes, the poor Arabs of Gaza and Judea and Samaria, just like the ghettoes into which Jews were herded for hundreds of years. Shopping malls, cell phones, computers, televisions, more food than they consume so they export the excess, new cars, medical care, fancy restaurants, expensive clothing shops, a zoo, beach trips, summer camps, those poor, suffering people. My heart just bleeds for them. They live better than most of the people of the world but we all know that Arabs are the eternal victim, don't we?


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