Sunday, April 15, 2012

How the HuffPo Spun Up Jew Hatred for Clicks

Zach already analyzed the severe bias in the Irving Moscowitz article and I compiled some of the anti-Semitic comments, but I would like to take a closer look at what exactly the HP set out to do in this news article and what they got out of it.

The only "news" part of the article is that Moscowitz, like thousands of Americans, donated money to a political campaign. But here's two extra facts that made it into the article and headline, and which shaped the comments below.

1. He donated money to the Republican (right-wing) candidate rather than the Democratic (left-wing) candidate.
2. He is Jewish and supports Jewish causes, such as Israel.

The combination of these two factors lead to 100 pages of hate filled comments, calling Moscowitz a racist, anti-democratic, fascist, a terrorist, and of course dozens of comments calling him a foreigner, even though he was born in the United States.

I say the combination of the two factors because one without the other would not have resulted in such hate. If Jews support Obama, as most do, no HPers have problems with them, unless they criticize Obama's Israel policy. If other, non-Israel supporting Americans support Republicans, they are still wrong, but they aren't traitors, fascists, etc. Or at least there wouldn't be comments containing obvious Jew baiting such as "how ironic that Jews are now siding with the most racist people ever aka the GOP." Which did appear quite often in the course of the thread.

Let's take a look at what makes this article unique by viewing the "top comments" of the comments thread, the comments that received the most "favorites." You will see how this is not a normal "American donates to Republican" thread.

Top Comment #1:

This comment reveals why the Huffington Post covered this news article while all other major news organizations ignored it. Moscowitz committed the ultimate combination of offenses against leftist ideology: Supporting Republicans against Obama while Jewish and pro-Israel. One offense on its own would have been bad enough, all of them together are positively unthinkable. I highly doubt that if Moskowitz gave a million dollars to Obama because he thought Obama was more of a friend to Israel than Romney it would lead to nearly as much outrage.

We know Jews aren't allowed to petition the government on Israel issues like other Americans because doing so means they are "Israel Firsters." We know that voting Republican is a vote against America and for evil. Jews voting Republican? Unthinkable. Time to bust out the ZOG conspiracy theories.

Speaking of ZOG conspiracy theories, here's Top Comment #2:

Leftists can't accuse every single Republican of disloyalty to America, but a Jew who supports Israeli causes is fair game. Apparently Obama's interests are American interests and anyone who is anti-Obama is anti-America. At least, according to this HPer and 79 of his friends.

But not to worry, here comes Top Comments 3 and 4, to show us that it's not about Moscowitz, it's about Jews in general.

But unfortunately they contradict each other.

Comment #3 hits a topic most leftists can get behind, all religious people are brainwashed and "twisted," and since Moscowitz is a Jew, that means he's religious, which means he's brainwashed. The poster is a "good Jew" who has left his primitive tribal beliefs behind to the adoration of the HP community.

But Comment #4 assures us not to be afraid because most Jews vote for Obama. I'm going to repeat that sentence: "Don't be afraid, most Jews vote for Obama." And therefore most Jews are "decent people."

That should be an incredible disturbing statement for any Jew who reads it, even if you are the biggest Obama supporter in the world, because it clearly lays out in black and white that only when you are voting the way the HPers like are you a good person. If you don't toe the line, you're a bad person, and what do we do to bad people?

Kick them out.

But in addition to all this, there were a lot of Jews (including pro-Israel ones) who tripped over themselves to distance themselves from Moskowitz, with much applause from the readership. Here is an example:

As I said above I don't see why Jews should have to say that, and dozens of people did. Why would anyone with a brain simply assume that because one Jewish person doesn't like Obama that they all do? And yet that is exactly the conclusion that many Huffington Posters drew from the article. It's the principle of the thing that is a problem: Jews should not have to say the right thing or behave the right way to avoid Jew baiting attacks like the kind we have seen in the other thread. Jews should be able to think and say what they want (and give money where they want) without having to worry about how it reflects on the rest of the people. One would think that the Huffington Post as a bastion of liberal thought would be a place where they could do that, but apparently not.

So to sum up, this Moscowitz story was the perfect amount of red meat for the Huffington Post and its readers. Right wing Jews influencing American government gives credibility to all the ZOG conspiracy theories the left has the patience to make. And hey, the only people who suffer from those stories are Jews and Israel, so what's the downside?


  1. And, needless to say, if you are a liberal critic of the left on these issues this means that you are actually a crypto-Republican and can therefore be dismissed as a "conservative."


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  2. Another Trita Parsi diaribe on Iran's nuclear talks. Readers of course call for the vaporization of Israel


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