Monday, April 16, 2012

How Not to Advocate for "Palestine"

Something from Twitter for you. Today a lot of Palestinians were congratulating an Israeli who refused to serve in the IDF and served 10 days in jail for it (according to them). We'll see how the rest of the story plays out. Here's some example tweets:

Yes, let's all cheer for @GNoam, who refuses to occupy (and oppress, etc.) the poor suffering Palestinians (tm). But first, let's look at her profile:

She lives in "48 Palestine"? An Israeli who refuses to call where she lives by its name? Sounds like a traitor to me.

What's funny is that if Noam simply didn't want to be complicit in the occupation, that would have been an understandable point of view for many Israelis as well as people around the world. But as always, she takes it too far and declares that Israel should not exist, a viewpoint shared by very few Israelis. It is clear that she is less of a conscientious objector and more of a Palestine firster and she's not even smart enough to try to cover it up.

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