Sunday, April 8, 2012

HP Headline Bias: Israel Rocket Attack

The Huffington Post, in an unprecedented move, actually covered the news of a rocket attack on Israel without waiting the weeks or months before Israel strikes back. Of course, it needed to have a biased headline:

Yes, why have a more descriptive and honest headline like "Israel suffers rocket attacks from Egypt" or "Rockets hit Israel" when you could have the vague "Israel Rocket Attack"?

Naturally, because this is the Huffington Post, many of the posters blamed Israel for the attack, took the opportunity to rant about Israel, or to post some anti-Semitism, although a considerable number took Israel's side as well. Here's some of the comments:

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  1. Article by freed US 'hitchhiker' in Iran, complaining that the Iranian regime is threatening her lawyer. Of course in the HuffPoniverse it's the Jews's fault:


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