Thursday, April 5, 2012

HP Moderators Control Discourse on Gunter Grass Article

The Huffington Post covered the incredible news that...bum bum bum!...someone criticized Israel! In this case, it's some guy named Gunter Grass, a German poet, in a fully moderated thread. Immediately, the HPers launched into a series of posts complaining about how all criticism of Israel is automatically called anti-Semitism. I guess they learned the techniques of playing the victim well from the Palestinians. Anyway, this wasn't a big deal until I realized that Gunter Grass actually served in the German army during WWII, including in the Waffen SS. But when pro-Israel people tried to mention that fact on the thread, the HP moderators took action:

But don't worry, it's OK to mention Gunter's Nazi past, as long as you interpret it the way the HP wants you to:

And of course, make blatant personal attacks as well:

Another example. Note the favorites:

As long as they are toward the correct people, or else your comment will be deleted:

But if they are made toward the right people, they will remain up for five hours, while others are removed within 30 minutes:

You can also spread vicious lies about Israel, and then make threats toward them, even if you're a Huffington Post moderator:

Then we have this comment:

I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it doesn't sound particularly friendly.

Ready for the grand finale?

Blatant anti-Semitism. Sixteen favorites. One hour up as of the time when I wrote this post. He even picked up a fan for it. 

But no, there's no anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post. Or anti-Jewish bias either for that matter.

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  1. Arianna was demoted and most of her responsibilities for AOL's media properties outside of Huffington Post have been taken away from her.

    I don't think her double down on antisemitic hate speech is working to her publication's advantage but she's sure giving it a try. Now that she has her $375 million I bet she tries to take it private again and give the craziest fringe of the blogosphere a run for its money. In the mean time, I would, I were the admins of this blog, cc AOL's board of directors with every post. They should be kept abreast of the level of discourse at their premier media property.


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