Thursday, April 12, 2012

HPW: Another Mel Gibson Rant

He's back, baby! Everyone's favorite right-wing anti-Semite, Mel Gibson, is the subject of another HP thread. This time a screenwriter for his new Maccabee movie is making some accusations of old Mel, including the unsurprising "news" that he doesn't particularly like Jews.

There were a lot of comments on this unmoderated thread, most in condemnation of Mel. Some were suspicious of the screenwriter's motives (apparently his screenplay was rejected). Those were not covered below. There were many others, though, that agreed with Mel, expressed anti-Semitism, or other hateful things. There was also some Holocaust cynicism and some Israel stuff too. Here's one comment to get you going and the rest are below the fold.

(this one may be a reference to Christianity, but probably not)


  1. On the article about Irving Moskowitz contributing 1 million to a PAC against Obama, there's 1500 'comments' already. Don't even bother to wade through them. Naked Nazi agitprop

  2. Does anyone really think that a group of rabid anti-semites would do anything other than
    defend another rabid anti-semite? Like peas in a pod.

    I bet if Mel spoke out about muslims in such derogatory terms, they would abandon ship,
    calling him an "Islamaphobe" while some muslim somewhere would be putting a fatwa on him.
    They cheer him simply because he aims his vitriol at Jews.

    1. What's funny is that Mel feels that gays should all be stuffed in ovens too. HuffPo's own Gay Uber Alles contingent which desperately tries to make everything about Homophobia would, in a normal world, be outraged. But since he hates Jews, that trumps all.


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