Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HPW: Shalom Eisner Hits Protester With Rifle

As Matt pointed out, the Huffington Posters couldn't wait to get their hands on some red meat in the form of a story about Israeli soldier hitting a provocateur in the West Bank. While stories about mortars being fired into Syrian neighborhoods and Afghani school children being poisoned were left by the wayside, an outpouring of pure racism flooded into the Huffington Posts' talkback sections. By now the thread has amassed 5,000 comments more than any World thread currently active (by comparison, this story about US soldiers urinating on dead bodies only collected 3,000). Collected are some examples of that racism as well as Nazi-baiting and anti-Semitism, all of which were very common in that thread, and all of course approved by the Huffington Posts' moderation team.


  1. Let’s play the generalisation game:

    danish police beat

    I’d rather a fat lip than getting shot and killed.
    BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant

  2. I am only sorry that the provoked Israeli didn't REALLY smash the Danish creep in the face. So he split his lip, big deal. The least this "person" deserved was a broken nose.


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