Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HuffPo Blogger Calls for the Destruction of Israel

There never has been any other country that the Huffington Post thinks should be destroyed, and there never will be, except for the world's only Jewish one. If you think that is anti-Semitism, you are entitled to your opinion. Draw your own conclusions, I simply report the facts.

The Huffington Post has recruited George Bisharat, a professor at a college in San Francisco, to pick up where such odious people as Sharmine Narwani and Ahmed Moor left off to demand that the Jewish people be denied their basic rights, this time under the guise of a "one state solution."

The article itself is the same old boiler plate "one state solution" garbage that we've seen dozens of times before: The settlements are making it impossible...somehow. And of course we can always rely on Prof Bisharat to once again conflate the meaning of "race" in order to accuse Israel of "racism:"
"Continuing to chase the two-state mirage under these circumstances will only enable continuing Israeli colonization of the West Bank and entrench a new form of systematic ethno-religious discrimination, where only Jews enjoy full rights -- to travel, housing, employment, education, and other basics of a free life."
Interesting statement. Shall we hear a counterpoint?

 Oh right I forgot. See here's only one of many problems with the "one state solutioners." You can whine and complain about Israel's occupation of the West Bank all you like. But there are another group of people involved in the situation as well, and they don't value democracy or human rights at all, except maybe as talking points used to sucker in gullible Westerners.

As I said I don't particularly want to go through every single one of Bisharat's talking points since we've all heard them before. Professor Bisharat brings absolutely nothing new to the table except a new round of talking points about how bad the occupation is and a new set of glaring omissions as to the raging hatred prevalent among the Palestinian Arabs and certain sections of the Israeli electorate as well. That being said, he makes it clear that his issue is about Jews:
"As this functionally unitary state will not be divided, the question that looms is: on what principles will it be organized, ethnic privilege for Jews, as it is now, or equal rights? Ethnic privilege for Jews is currently institutionalized not only in the segregated Jewish communities Israel has established in the West Bank, but also in more than 35 laws within Israel that bestow benefits exclusively to its Jewish citizens."
Hang on, so Jews are an ethnic group now? And here I was thinking it was a religion that people can convert to. You know, under the Law of Return. While I agree that you can complain about Israel's favoritism of Jews, to (a) ignore the freedoms that are prevalent in Israel while ignoring the laws mandating equality there and (b) ignore the favoritism and racism of the Palestinian Arabs who are supposed to be "integrating" with the Jews is downright dishonest. Which I suppose goes without saying for a Huffington Post blogger.

I'm going to conclude with my usual questions for any "one stater," if you are really interested in finding out the details about Professor Bisharat's opinion you can go to the original link. But basically it's the same "discrimination is bad so let's ignore the fact that these people have been fighting for so long and throw them together like scorpions in a jar." So here are the questions:

1. Gay people in Israel can walk down the street holding hands without fear. In the PA they are shot. What will the status of gay people be in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that their rights will be protected, why should I as a supporter of gay rights support your proposal?

2. Atheists in Israel can express their beliefs without fear. In the PA they are jailed. What will the status of atheists be in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that their rights will be protected, why should I as a supporter of freedom of thought support your proposal?

3. People in Israel can criticize their government without fear. In the PA anyone who does so are jailed. What will the status of dissenters be in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that their rights will be protected, why should I as a supporter of freedom of thought support your proposal?

4. The Palestinians insist that their state be governed under sharia law. Sharia law has mandated discrimination against non-Muslims. Israel on the other hand is not ruled by religious law. So what do you think the influence of religion on the laws will be in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that this "one state" will be secular, why should I as a supporter of separation of church and state support your proposal?

5. The Palestinians declare that "Palestine" will be an Arab and Muslim state. Muslim states have yet to protect the rights of their minorities adequately. Will this also occur in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that this "one state solution" will protect the rights of minorities in the state then why should I as a supporter of minority rights support your proposal?

6. Palestinian Arabs have historically refused to allow Jews to visit their holy sites when those holy sites are under Palestinian Arab control. In fact they often desecrate them or attempt to destroy their history. To this day Jewish rights to visit their holiest site is restricted and denied under the Muslim Waqf. What will the status of holy sites be in a "one state solution?" If you cannot guarantee that Jews, Christians and other religious minorities will be able to worship freely where and when they choose, then why should I as a supporter of religious freedom support your proposal?

I eagerly await his answer.


  1. Great post, great questions. I don't know that I would hold my breath for answers to those questions, but they are important questions to ask, regardless.

    While so many of us have previously argued on HuffPo that in actuality, if you look at the facts, it is the Palestinian laws and rules that practice blatant "apartheid", yet no one will step up to the plate and even admit it.
    It is the same old, same old. Palestinian apologists are also Palestinian deniers. They deny (or ignore) anything they don't want to own up to, regardless of facts. I'm beginning to believe that the lives of Palestinians is one continuous episode of Pallywood.
    To think that this man, (Bisharat) is a PROFESSOR, at a college, teaching students these hate mongering lies, just blows me away.

  2. The other point, one which is important to make in this era of instant self appointed experts is that Dr. Bisharat is not only an American born citizen who's apparently never been to Israel and doesn't claim to be literate in Arabic, and who's father cae to America around the time of the formation of Israel and so has no first hand and barely any second knowledge or experience with Israel, but, and here's the key point, Bisharat is an American criminal lawyer by training with an additional doctorate in Anthropology. In short, he doesn't have any special knowledge or training or experience about Israel over and above any other ordinary person. He's written newspaper columns in San Francisco, etc, a few loony-blogs like Counterpunch and worse. He's written one book, a thin CV for a college professor, and that book was about theoretical musings about perceived mistreatment of Arab lawyers by Israeli courts.

    So other than teaching in radical California universities and hating Jews, what OTHER HuffPo requirements does he meet? Oh wait, I know the answer to this - he doesn't need any more than those two things.

  3. What, people who hate Israel need knowledge? Like that KAPO Richard Silverstein?

    I always laugh when they talk about a one state solution. Let me understand their thinking. We Jews are genocidal maniacs, who control the media, banks, Congress etc, we are sons of apes and pigs, we murder Palestinians just for the thrill etc etc. So, why would do want to share a state with us?

  4. Empress, I agree. It is also stated that Bisharat also teaches Islamic Law, however, that goes more to the point that you make. If he "teaches Islamic law", then he has to be well aware of the 'laws' regarding Jews, which only exacerbates all the points made made above.

    As for HuffPo, let's call a spade a spade, shall we? Since when did any blogger have to meet any "requirements" to be published on HuffPo as long as they fit HuffPo's own agenda of hate and bias against Israel and Jews?
    Yes, they will publish the occasional pro-Israel article, but hey,
    it would be a bit TOO telling if they didn't, no?

    As far as I'm concerned, he is just another HuffPo hater, no better or worse than the other
    haters we come in contact with on a daily basis there.

  5. Thanks guys and like I said I am open to legitimate points of view about how the one state solution would work. But I have yet to find a single proponent of it that will actually take these issues head on and try to resolve them.

    Professor Bisharat doesn't even try to do that. Still, I think I'd prefer that he duck the issue than insult everyone's intelligence by giving us the old "Palestinians lock up atheists because of the occupation der der der" weaksauce talking point that we so often see to justify any and all behaviors.

    If you want to be listened to you have to be able to defend your position. I could have written a better essay on why the one state solution should work and that isn't even a position that I believe in.


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