Tuesday, April 10, 2012

James Zogby: Jerusalem is Palestinian

James Zogby, who has lately turned more polemic than usual, is back with another article at the Huffington Post. There isn't very much distinctive about this one, except that it's left-wing attitude is even more blatant than usual. As we will demonstrate, and as you can see for yourself in the article, the Arabs are not responsible in any way for anything that happens to them. This article is about the Palestinians specifically but the viewpoint remains unchanged: Everything is Israel's fault, even the Palestinians' own actions. Nor does this stop Dr. Zogby from straight up lying either, most notably about the "Jew only roads," a myth that was debunked a long time ago.

He starts with the usual complaining about Israel and not complaining about anyone else before getting down to business:
"It is not just the current hard-line Israeli government that is at fault, since all of these policies have been at work without interruption for the past 45 years. And there is no hope for change in sight. Polls show that in any future election, Israeli voters would elect a government that would pursue policies that are much the same, if not worse....While Arabs have long imagined that this sorry state of affairs could be arrested "if only America or the 'international community' would act to restrain Israel," reality has been sobering. Hope, for example, had been placed in President Obama's early commitment to find a solution to the conflict, but these hopes have been dashed. Seeing the U.S. president "schooled" by the Israeli prime minister and then watching the U.S. Congress embrace Netanyahu, humiliating their own president, was a shocking eye-opener."
The policies that he refers to here are the same as ever: settlements and "occupation" and all that entails. America's relationship with Israel will not change no matter who is in office, and quite frankly this idea that President Obama would just hand Israel to the Arabs on a silver platter was a dumb one to begin with, and the Arabs were foolish for clinging to it. So he seems to be realizing that the status quo will probably continue regardless of who wins the coming elections in election. Someone thinking logically would probably react to this knowledge by saying, "okay this is something that I probably cannot change. So let's think about a better way to solve my problems." Dr. Zogby, on the other hand, prefers to whine even more:
"With the White House tamed and, at least for the foreseeable future, out of the game of peace-making, the politics of Washington has turned to other issues like the economy, Iran, and November elections. And in this mix, Palestinians and their rights don't rate even a blip on the nation's radar screen...Equally disappointing have been Palestinian efforts to turn to the United Nations. Here the strong arm of the United States (prodded by Israel and its U.S. supporters) has effectively blocked initiatives to have Palestinian rights recognized or to stop Israeli violations of these rights."
(Note the use of "tamed" a la "Protocols of the Elders of Zion) So yeah, the Palestinians are being left behind. We know this. And the UN isn't working either.

At this point I'm going to stop quoting Dr. Zogby since the entire column is just one long whine fest about how bad the Palestinians have it. I would have been more sympathetic to it, were this ten years ago. But he never mentions once the refusal to negotiate (which continues even now), the preconditions, the elections of Hamas, the rockets, nothing. The Palestinians are helpless victims who are being kicked around by the world, and oh isn't such an awful tragedy. Nothing is their fault, ever. I have a feeling that all of this would have been enough to earn an award from the Huffington Post, but he has to get his shots in at Israel all the same. This leads to a ridiculous rewrite of history:
" The Palestinian metropolis of Jerusalem, once their center of cultural, social, and economic life, has now been severed from the West Bank."
Have you got that? Jerusalem is not Jewish, nor even Muslim, but "Palestinian." Don't expect Dr. Zogby to ever back this up with facts, because if he tried he would fail. Jerusalem has been ruled by Muslims, certainly. But it is not and never has been "Palestinian." I doubt that even the most left-wing Israeli would agree with Dr. Zogby on this and yet he states it as if it were true without a second glance. Maybe he was hoping that simply nobody would notice. For the record, here is Elder of Ziyon's video explaining how Muslims placed little value on Jerusalem throughout its history until it was reclaimed by the Jews. Dr. Zogby's behavior continues this pattern.

Oh wait, maybe I spoke too soon! See, he does admit that some Palestinians do things wrong, but with a qualifier:
"All this has impacted the Palestinian society, leaving their economy dependent on various external sources and their leadership divided, lacking in imagination. As is the frequently the case, one further consequence of long-term humiliating oppression has been inward turning violence and other forms of aberrant and sometimes self-destructive behaviors."
Woo, it's a good thing that he bookended that paragraph with spelling out why the Palestinians do what they do. Not because they are responsible for their own actions, heck no! And certainly not because of organizations like UNRWA that treat them like children. Nope, it's all the fault of the "oppression." We can't have nuanced, objective fact based analysis can we? Not on the Huffington Post.

You can read the rest of the article if you like but by now we have certainly received the message. Dr. Zogby could have boiled this whole article down into one or two sentences and it would have made just as much sense. That's all the information his readership can handle.

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  1. All he had to say was, "It is all the Jews' fault. Everything is the Jews' fault. I got a hangnail this morning, the Jews did it. My wife was speeding yesterday, and the police officer who gave her the ticket was a Jew, he had it in for her because she is an Arab. My son is failing algebra for the second time, his teacher is a Jew. I think. Oh, he must be, he has a huge nose."


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