Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mein Kampf Published, Some Interesting Comments

The Huffington Post, in its never ending quest to find Nazi related news to publish, published the news of Hitler's infamous text 'Mein Kampf' being published again in Germany for the first time since WWII. While most of the comments were either arguing about whether it's ever appropriate to ban books or which American political party are most like the Nazis, there were some comments that were a little more disturbing.

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  1. Why do these ijyuts believe Mein Kampf is banned in the US? My library carries it and it can be purchased on Amazon. I can understand HP reader's disappointment that it's not required reading along with Das Kapital, Mao's little red book, and Pol Pot's sayings of Angkar (all of which are also freely available everywhere) but that's a different problem for them. My only suggestion for them would be to win every school board election everywhere make those changes.


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