Friday, April 6, 2012

More Violence in Syria, More HuffPost Hypocrisy

In the wake of a Huffington Post report on the torture of children by Syrian government forces, yet another article was published yesterday about...well just more fighting there sadly. Homes are being targeted by artillery and helicopters. No reports on how many civilians died, at least not at the time I am writing this.

Now how do you think the Huffington Posters (including some of our favorite anti-Zionists) reacted to this? After all, no one denies that Assad is a dictator who was not elected and doesn't allow much in the way of freedom in his country. And practically to a person the Huffington Posters cheered on the "Arab Spring" in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. So one would think that they would continue. But apparently not. Quite the opposite to tell the truth.

For the purposes of getting just "the good stuff," I am not included in these examples comments that are solely: (1) blaming America or some other western nation for the situation, (2) claims that "it's all propaganda" financed by America or some other western nation, (3) arguments about whether or not America should get involved or (4) deflections onto Israel and the situation with the Palestinians. With that in mind, let's get to it.

The way the dialogue shifts as soon as we start talking about people other than Israel is amazing. Suddenly it's totally fine to "mop up terrorists" as long as Arabs are the ones doing it to other Arabs. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if a Zionist said "Israel will need another week to mop up the terrorists in Gaza?" Or even asked the Huffington Posters to consider Israel's point of view.

Truly, it's like living on another planet sometimes.


  1. About time!

    Exodus: MJ Rosenberg Sacrificed For Media Matters' Sins
    Bizarrely he compares himself to Nixon.
    “Richard Nixon famously said to the press after his failed attempt to become governor of California, "just think how much you're going to be missing. You don't have Nixon to kick around anymore." I, however, will most definitely be around. More than ever.”

  2. Article on the 'breakdown' of Syrian ceasefire. HP readers blame the Jews


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