Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Support for Terrorism

A new poll of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza was conducted by PSR and polled them on a variety of subjects. You can read the whole thing if you like but most informative to us was the following:
55) Concerning armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel,
1) Certainly support 11.3%
2) Support 36.2%
3) Oppose 44.6%
4) Certainly oppose 5.8%
5) DK/NA 2.0%
That means 47.5% of Palestinians support deadly attacks against Israeli civilians (not soldiers) living in Israel (not settlers), as opposed to 50.4% who are opposed to it. I imagine the number would only increase if the question was changed to Israeli settlers or soldiers.

But even besides that, how is Israel supposed to make peace when almost half of the Palestinian population is actively in favor of killing Israelis no matter who they or where they are?

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  1. Terrific catch, Zach. I will be citing this (with credit to you) in an upcoming post. This is not a one-time thing with HuffPost. I will prove it is part of their M.O.


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