Monday, April 2, 2012

On Iran, Huffington Post Fakes, Spins

Check out the headline of this article published just now in the Huffington Posts' "World" section:

Do you think the subject of this article is Israel? After all, there's a picture of Netanyahu right there, it's a story about Iran, and it's even given the major keyword of "Israel."

But no! You see, this is the Huffington Post, and so they will never refer to Israel as "Major U.S. Ally." They never have and they never will. Who is the lucky country in question?

Oh of course. So even though the story is about Turkey, the picture is still of Netanyahu. Of course one can't help but wonder why the double talk in the outside headline. Why didn't they just say "Turkey," instead of "Major U.S. Ally?"

It works out though. The Huffington Post was able to kill multiple birds with one stone. In this one article they were able to fulfill their requirements of having an "Israel is bad," "war with Iran is bad," and "Netanyahu is bad," all in one article! Well done.

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