Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robert Naiman Doesn't Disappoint

Hamas supporter and anti-Israel "journalist" Robert Naiman is back on the Huffington Post, this time fully discarding any kind of reporting and focusing on full on advocacy. He is advocating against a war with Iran, declaring that if the American people signed a pledge of "resistance" (always a loaded term coming from a Hamas supporter) than they can stop the war before it starts. Along the way he makes it clear just where his agenda is coming from.

Most of the article is a rehash of the recent history involving American-Israeli-Iranian relations. Mr. Naiman thinks we are in a "slow motion" path to war which leads to anti-war activists becoming complacent and not getting involved the way he thinks they should be. Halfway through, his agenda comes out. Notice the middle sentence:
"If the path is slow, there is a natural tendency to focus elsewhere. There's a lot of stuff going on in the world. People are being killed by the war in Afghanistan. Palestinians are on hunger strike against administrative detention. Honduran journalists are being murdered. Colombian trade unionists are being killed. These things are happening right now."
Oh gee, Palestinian criminals are hunger striking? And by "criminals" I mean one, since it was only ever one person? I guess if you're Robert Naiman that's definitely just as important as civilians slaughtered in Afghanistan (by an American soldier no less!) and murdered journalists in Honduras. The bias is subtle, but it's definitely there. But in case you thought that was just a coincidence, and it's not really about the Jews, Mr. Naiman makes it clear, it totally is:
"Look what the "Israel lobby" is doing: it's agitating inside the institutions to constrict the political space for any long-term outcome besides war. If we want to beat the Israel lobby, we have to meet them on the same turf, to open the political space for other outcomes besides war."
"The Pledge of Resistance has the potential to help create a real movement that can stop the next war; a movement that can go toe-to-toe with the Israel lobby for influence in Congress, the Administration, and the news media."
Yep. The "Israel lobby" are the bad guys here, because American people and politicians are just too stupid to think for themselves. And just in case you were wondering, yes, that same "Israel lobby" does indeed "influence" all aspects of American society, from the government to the news media too. I wouldn't have commented if it weren't for the remark about the media, which moved Mr. Naiman from what could have been a legit criticism of AIPAC into "Protocols" territory.

Just another step down the slippery slope, I guess.

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