Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Robert Naiman: More Propaganda For Terror Supporters

Known Hamas supporter Robert Naiman is back yet again, but he doesn't have much new to say. After his pleasure cruise on the illegal, terrorist-supporting "Gaza Flotilla," he is forced to take a back seat and cheer on other "activists" as they seek to undermine Israel's ability to defend itself. Along the way we get the usual grand standing and obvious propaganda. I must admit that I am glad that Naiman has thrown all pretense of journalistic objectivity to the went and has decided (like the "activists" he supports) to make it clear that he's chosen the Arab side of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This is clear right from the very first word:
"What difference will it make to the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank when the world meets their demands for freedom and self-determination?"
Funny. I seem to remember them being offered "freedom" and "self-determination" 60 years ago when the UN came up with a partition plan that they hoped would be agreeable to both sides. But of course the Arabs rejected it because this has always been a fight to destroy Israel and a fight for property. Not a fight for freedom. Just ask Walid Husayin and Ismat Abdul-Khaleq. This returns to what I said about how the Palestinian cause lost me: they might have a legitimate point but they cannot just come right out and say what they think. Every Palestinian supporter ever has to cloak his meaning in fancy weasel words that mean nothing and only confuse the issue. Robert Naiman will never say "the Palestinians value freedom." Because they don't. So instead he says "they demand freedom from occupation" and accuses everyone who disagrees with him of "hating freedom." It's a logic pretzel that only serves to obscure meaning, and to be perfectly honest it is not something that I see Zionists use either. Even the far right ones with whom I disagree about many issues.

But let's not get too distracted. This time around Mr. Naiman is complaining that people can't just walk right into a war zone whenever they feel like it, because apparently being able to do that is a "human right" if you're a Huffington Post blogger. The "flytilla" is not yet mentioned but already Naiman is trying to defend it by endlessly throwing mud at Israel. For example:
"If you are a Likud supporter, flying into the Israeli airport should present no problem. But if you are a supporter of Palestinian rights, the Netanyahu government could stop you from going to Bethlehem on purely political grounds, even if you have never committed any crime and have no intention of ever committing one, even if you have never attended a Palestinian protest in the West Bank and have no intention of attending one. You could be barred by the Netanyahu government from going to Bethlehem simply for the thought crime of supporting Palestinian human rights."
Like much of Naiman's writing, this paragraph doesn't make any sense. How could the "Netanyahu government" know what a traveler to Israel/the West Bank be thinking when they step off the plane? They couldn't, of course. And Naiman knows that he is lying here: Israel doesn't deport people for liking Palestinian people. But they do deport people for taking part in active stunts designed to undermine the integrity of Israel. Nor is there any "right" for people to enter Israel, or any country.

In other words, it's pretty freaking dishonest to sign up for a protest that is explicitly manufactured to be a stunt for the cameras with the express purpose of hurting Israel....and then hiring Mr. Naiman to pretend that all you ever did was "visit." The "flyidiots" expressly declared that they were going to protest, and if they made it to the West Bank they would protest there too. So why is Naiman even spinning a tale like the one quoted above? It's not like he can name an example of a person in that exact situation. It certainly doesn't apply to the ISM, who everyone knows provide support for terrorists anyway. Just like Robert Naiman.

Like I said, the fictional "right" to charge into a war zone is claimed by Naiman just a couple of a paragraphs later:
"You might think that governments and media in North America and Europe would express forceful concern if their citizens' right to travel were obstructed by a government they were doing so much to support."
Ha. No, they won't. Why? Because there is no such thing as a "right to travel." Go to the border of North Korea and if they don't let you in, tell them you have a "right to travel" and if they don't open up you'll call the UN. Let me know how that goes. People are deported from countries all the time. Is Naiman familiar with something called a no fly list? And remember just yesterday when the discussion about Raed Salah was taking place? Instead Mr. Naiman goes with the classic Palestinian supporter talking point: If you want something, just say you have a "right" to it. And then if someone doesn't give it to you, write an article in the Huffington Post whining about it.

Click below to continue, as he is about to say something colossally dumb.

Ready for this?
"The Netanyahu government says that it will "round up activists who land in the country and deport them," which is again a spectacular fact. Apparently you can be deported by the Netanyahu government not because of what you do, but because of who you are."

I think my IQ fell a couple of points just from reading those two sentences. The circular logic here, and the fact that it was published in a legitimate internet newspaper, is quite amazing. Hey Naiman, what is an "activist?"
"activist, noun: an especially active vigorous advocate of a cause, especially a political cause."
Being active in a cause makes you an activist, genius. In this situation who you are and what you do are interchangeable. In this particular situation being an activist means participating in a ISM-backed provocation stunt, which deserves deportation in my humble opinion. But once again we see how disingenuous Mr. Naiman has to be to support these people. He's basically saying the same thing over and over again: that deporting people he likes is bad because he likes them. But because he has to keep repeating himself he has to find new ways to say that, which leads to paragraphs that make no sense like the one above.
"So far, there has been scant press coverage in the U.S. of "Welcome to Palestine," and this again is a spectacular fact. But the good news is that thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we don't need to wait on the New York Times and the Washington Post. We can follow and spread the news on Welcome to Palestine on Twitter at #fly2palestine."
Well thanks for confirming that you are an advertising tool for terror supporters of all stripes Mr. Naiman. I appreciate it. And by the way, there's nothing "spectacular" about how nobody cares about this stupid "flytilla" of yours. You did the same thing over and over and couldn't even get any bloody shirts to wave. It was news when you did the exact same thing last year, and especially since it was such a bust now, no one is going to pay attention. Which I know is the whole point. Too bad, better luck next year. Of course, you could always try to make peace.


  1. All countries have the right to deny entry even to valid visa holders.
    Australia has an entire TV show dedicated to showing people being kicked out of the country for violating their visa conditions. Customs can ask people just about anything from where they intend to go, criminal records, how much money they have or who they know in Australia.

  2. Canada has a voter ID law. That's never stopped 'Tards from screaming how wonderful it is in comparison to the US.


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