Friday, April 13, 2012

Threat of the Day

Here is one last comment from the Irving Moskowitz hatefest thread,which I wanted to share because I did not think it was intended to be as hateful or scary as it is:

Now I don't know this user, so I don't think he has out for Jews in any particular fashion. Which is exactly what makes his comment (and the five favorites) so scary. It's the banality of the idea that if just one Jew (and he is identified as a Jew in the comment) does something that the Huffington Posters do not like, then not only is it okay to not like Jews in general but Israel will be destroyed.

And yeah, I know that we hear "oh if X happens then Israel will be destroyed!!!!!!" all the time from both sides of the aisle. But generally it is at least directed at the actions of Israel itself and is intended to be criticism of actual policy. Now all you need is one rich right wing Jew and the veiled threats come out.

Of course, what is left unsaid between the lines here is that should "non-Jewish sympathies" decline down to zero, and then Israel is destroyed because of it, it would be Irving Moskowitz's fault. So it isn't really a tragedy, the Jews should have shaped up and been better and maybe this wouldn't have happened. They brought it upon themselves. They deserve it.

Maybe this isn't directed at Jews alone. Maybe it's a universal principle. But I haven't seen this kind of attitude enter the discussion when talking about any other subject. No one is saying that if the Iranian people don't shape up they'll deserve it when the war comes, at least not on the Huffington Post. And I have to go by what I see.


  1. HP ran a column by an Iranian lobbyist on how the evil Jews, who control the government of course, are weaving their Jew Magic to force Congress to something or other against Iran. And of course the letters are Gobbelsesque.

    The lobbyist's basic thesis is that sanctions are Jewish war crimes and what the Obama White House should be doing is nothing at all.

  2. On other column about the evil Jews designs on the world, one commentor writes Complètement éradiquer de la surface du monde ! ([Israel to be] completely eradicated from the surface of the world)


    And of course US is a puppet of the Jews....etc etc.

  4. Multiparty talks on Iran's nukes, according to HP good news. That hasn't stopped HP readers from going apoplectic over the Jews

    BTW the same person 'reinenVernuft' accounts for many of these posts.


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