Friday, April 20, 2012

Three News Items the HP Doesn't Cover

Iran acknowledges Holocaust Remembrance Day:
"While Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iran is playing Holocaust-denying cartoons on public television, Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday night.

The cartoons show Jews fabricating stories about the Nazis’ atrocities and 6 million Jewish deaths, and then exploiting the Holocaust to enrich themselves and displace the Arabs from Palestine..."
Hamas' rule of Gaza not turning out as expected (for Palestinians):
"The housing stipends, promised by Hamas social workers after much of Umm Mohammed’s neighborhood was demolished in an Israeli military assault three years ago, never came. The water barrels pledged by municipal authorities seemed to go only to Hamas cadres. Electricity is a rarity.

And as Israeli airstrikes targeting Palestinian militants pounded the Gaza Strip last month, the housewife said, the enclave’s Hamas rulers watched from “their chairs” — lingo here for cushy seats of power..."
 If you rabidly hate Israel, it might be because you don't like Jews:
"In a comprehensive yet troubling study of European attitudes on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-Semitism continues to plague the continent and and has been found to “color” perceptions of Israel....

Among its results, the study found that 72% of Polish citizens agree or strongly agree that “Jews try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era,” and that 68% of Hungarians share this sentiment. Nearly 70% percent of Hungarians also think that “Jews have too much influence” in their country. The authors noted that “Britain and The Netherlands manifesting the lowest levels of antisemitic attitudes.” ..."

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